For more than 40 years construction companies rely on the standard set by Orbitalum in the industrial prefabrication of pipeline systems: From the chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food & beverage industry to energy plan construction & shipbuilding


The basic requirement for the productive and high-quality welding of pipes with automated welding technology is a precise, right-angled and burr-free cut as well as a perfectly beveled pipe end.


The GF series cuts and bevels high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low- and unalloyed steel, plastics, casting materials and non-ferrous metals easily and in just seconds, using the "Planetary Cutting" method.

Compressed Air is costly! About 90% of the energy used to create it is wasted in the form of thermal and mechanical losses.


Its measurement for efficient control, balancing, and leak detection is thus crucial.

As of FLEXIM's capability to measure gas flows, we are the leading provider of non-invasive Compressed Air flow metering systems.


This is also reflected in our latest Application Report:

MKM, a German copper plant, uses a stationary FLUXUS CA meter for measuring their produced compressed air quantities.


MKM chose FLEXIM as of the rather big line size (DN250) making insertion meters very costly, as well as the fact that they are aware of drifting measurement values of insertion meters caused by condensate or oil within the compressed air streams.


Measuring Task

Flow measurement of the compressed air which is generated by the central compressed air station and fed into the plant network

Medium:         compressed air

Pipeline:         DN250

Material:         steel, wall thickness 6 mm

Pressure:         ~ 7 bar

Temperature:  ~30 °C


Instrument Used:

• 1 stationary clamp-on ultrasonic FLUXUX® G704 CA flowmeter

• 1 pair of GLK transducers (Lamb wave), mounted on a Variofix L sensor attachment device



• Reliable recording of the compressed air quantities generated

• No impairment of system availability due to non-invasive measuring technology

• Reliable recording of measurement data and determination of key figures for compressed air generation

• Efficiency potential is tapped


Selling Points:

• Non-invasive acoustic measurement from the outside of the pipe:

• No pressure loss

• No impairment of the measurement by condensate or oil, no measurement drift

• No wear and tear, no maintenance costs

• Integration into the load and energy management system via Modbus RTU

• Very good experience with the versatile, portable clamp-on FLUXUS® ADM6725 und FLUXUS® G601 CA Energy ultrasonic flowmeters

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