Phymetrix is the leading provider of advanced sensing and trace moisture measurement instruments. Actum Industrial, under our Peter Jones division, is an exclusive supplier of Phymetrix products in South Africa. We provide portable moisture analyzers and calibration services as well.


Features of our port moisture analyzers / portable moisture analyzers:


• Our products are certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments

• Portable and lightweight, smaller than 2 kg

• Rechargeable battery for stand-alone operation

• Measurement ranges available from -100 degrees C to +20 dewpoint

• Calibration certificate traceable to national&international humidity standard

• Accuracy approximately 2 degrees C dewpoint

• Integral calculator to display pressure dewpoints. Gauge pressure can be entered in kPa

• Temperature compensation for operating range.

• Sample flow rate independent


Contact or call 011 608 3001 for specialist assistance. Actum Industrial has over 30 years’ worth of instrumentation and control industry experience.

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