We are proud to announce the official launch of our flagship brand – Actum Group

In order to simplify our product offerings & service to our customers, we have consolidated all of our company brands to form Actum Group.  Which means our customers will have a one-stop solution to access all of the products and brands they need (and have been getting from us). Our team and product offering have not changed; we’re simply promoting everything under our over-arching brand from here-on out.

Please note that the aim is to simplify our branding and customer experience. There is no change to our company details, VAT numbers or bank accounts – we will still be quoting and invoicing through our various companies i.e. Actum Electronics CC, Actum Industrial (Pty) Ltd and Banding and Identification Solutions Africa (Pty) Ltd

26 February 2020

More about Actum Group

Actum Group is a specialised importer and distributor of industrial and electronic products in South and Southern Africa. Our world touches everything from agriculture and telecoms, to pharmaceutical and construction, to automotive, mining and oil and gas. We are fanatically focused on quality and proudly represent only the very best international and local companies and brands.

A Proud History

Actum Group has been proudly built through partnerships, collaborations and acquisitions of leading world-class companies like Actum Electronics, Dowson & Dobson Industrial, Peter Jones Electronic Equipment, Altico Static Control Solutions and Banding & Identifcation Solutions Africa. The very best of those teams now all work together and continue to bring you the world’s leading quality products under our flagship brand – Actum Group.

Visit our Brands page to learn more about our leading brands and products.