3D Interference Measurement Sensor

In order to measure multiple points, the sensor must scan the target quickly and accurately. Doing so requires the stage to be moved, which makes inspection extremely time-consuming. Additional instrumentation that can be costly or complex is also required. A dedicated stand to secure the sensor head is available for offline inspections. The position correction function allows inspection to be performed simply by placing the target onto the stage. This significantly reduces the labour required for inspection while eliminating errors introduced by the different techniques of individual operators

KEYENCE offers three types of sensor heads, each of which is designed for a specific application — from the high resolution model to the wide-field model the WI-5000 has the flexibility to solve your application.

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WI-5000 Series is the champion series within this range. The WI-5000 Series captures 80,000 points of height data instantaneously across a maximum measurement area of 10 × 10 mm 0.39″ × 0.39″. The principles of white light interferometry result in accurate measurement of the target shape even if its colors or materials vary in reflectivity.


  • Repeatability of 0.1 μm 0.000004″
  • 80,000 points of height data in just 0.13 seconds