Anti-Static Shoes

In combination with grounding equipment and ESD flooring, our ESD shoes offer robust ESD protection in environments where static can cause irreversible damage. Examples include electronics manufacturing, service and repair plants, as well as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, where electronic components and devices are at risk.

Our range of antistatic shoes features modern, sleek and sporty designs with excellent support for robustness and comfort.  We stock ESD shoes for ladies and men.

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More Information

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) describes the transfer of electrostatic charge between two objects caused by contact. The resulting discharge from an electron imbalance may be so small that the human body can’t feel it, nevertheless it can have serious consequences.

Anti-static shoes allow limited charge to flow through it, whereas our ESD shoes feature a more conductive sole that dissipates static charge into the ground so that a discharge by handling cannot occur. All shoes are ISO 20345 and SABS approved.