Outdoor Cabinets

nVent SCHROFF’s outdoor cabinets are designed to protect your electronic equipment from rain, snow, dust, UV-rays, corrosion, and vandalism. Schroff outdoor cabinets are available in single-wall, double-wall, and modular aluminum constructions. Our cabinets comply with shock, vibration, and earthquake resistance standards.

Other customizable options are available, including IP55 protection, EMC shielding, seismic resistance, along with a range of cooling management and heat-dissipating options.

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Advantages and Benefits

  • Reliable operation and long lifecycle
  • Robust thermal protection reduces total cost of ownership by extending the product lifecycle
  • A double-wall construction of heat-dissipating aluminum that blocks 85% of solar radiation
  • Customizable options include IP protection, EMC shielding, seismic resistance and cooling management
  • Air convection that promotes cooling while maintaining the IP protection rating
  • Additional cooling options for extreme conditions, including fans, heat exchangers and air conditioners