Cortronic Boxes

CORTRONIC is an ideally suited packaging for ESDS and because of its static dissipative skin and buried conductive core; it is an ESD shielding material suitable for use in ESD protected areas. Products made of CORTRONIC include component boxes, PCB transit boxes, IC tube boxes, inplant handlers for PCBs and custom applications.

CORSTAT™ and CORTRONIC© storage boxes are ideal for safe transportation of ESD-sensitive components, such as PCBs. A soft, dissipative foam lining provides safe padding and removes static. These coated boxes are made from cardboard dipped in carbon and come flat-packed to enable assembly on-site. Its static dissipative skin and buried conductive core  ensure electronic components are shielded from electrostatic discharges throughout transportation.

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IEC and EN Standards

Standards are vital to ensure ESD products are effective.

CORTRONIC® meets or exceeds European Standard IEC 61340-5 requirements governing the packaging of ESDs during transport and shipping.

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