Electrostatic Sensor

The SK-Series makes it easy to instantly check static electricity levels on products and areas throughout a production environment. Use the SK Series to also confirm whether static eliminators are effective and to check humidity and temperature levels.

Static electricity and humidity are correlated: when humidity exceeds 60%RH, a static charge is less likely to accumulate. Even during the winter, when static charges build up easily due to colder, drier air, static-related problems can be prevented by maintaining a constant level of humidity around target workpieces.


  • Hand-held type SK-H050: ideal for on-the-spot measurements
  • In-line type SK-050/1000: ideal for continuous measurement

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More Information

Features of the SK-Series:

  • The sensor head features a floating structure that rotates 180 degrees for easy measurement in narrow spaces.
  • Improved shock resistance.
  • Dual laser pointers make it simple to identify the optimal measuring distance for high precision measurement.
  • The SK-H050 features a charge monitor function that measures static elimination speed and ion balance, both of which indicate an ionizer’s static elimination capability.