GT-One Plus Battery Strapping Tool for Plastic

Automatic Battery Strapping Tool for PP & PET Strapping. The GT-One Plus Battery Strapping Tool has adjustable function modes according to the application required: automatic, semi-automatic, manual and soft. The strapping cycle is performed by pushing a single button (in automatic or semi-automatic mode). It is easy to use and to adjust. Perfectly balanced, it can perform both vertical and horizontal strapping. The brushless motor is powered by the latest Li-Ion battery.

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Key features:

  • Package type: flat and round surface
  • Strap quality: PP – PET
  • Strap width: from 10mm to 16mm
  • Strap thickness: from 0.5mm to
  • Maximum tension: 2750 N
  • Maximum tension – soft mode: 500 N
  • Maximum tension speed: 15 m/min.
  • Joint type: friction weld seal
  • Digital display with always visible parameters
  • Soft mode for fragile packages
  • Multi-function start button
  • Button to start the welding action
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber
  • Weight: 4kg (incl. battery)
  • Battery: Akku Power SP3 14.4 Vdc – 4.0 Ah Li-Ion