High-Speed, High-Precision, Wide-Area Static Elimination Blower

Wherever there is movement, static electricity is invariably generated. It causes all types of problems. It may also be negatively impacting your productivity and quality. The SJ-H and SJ-F Series are suitable for high-speed static elimination in wide areas, including clean room environments.

In the pulse AC method, the positive and negative voltage is applied alternately to a single electrode probe, generating ions of both polarities. This method performs well under all conditions as more ions are generated than in the conventional method and the ratio of positive to negative ions can be changed.

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Types of Static Elimination Blowers:

  • Bar type: Target static elimination area (guideline): 300 mm 11.81″ and greater
  • Blower type: Target static elimination area (guideline): 200 mm 7.87″ to 1000 mm 39.37″
  • Spot type: Target static elimination area (guideline): up to 200 mm 7.87″


Static Eliminators