Laser Displacement Sensors

Laser Displacement Sensors provide fast and accurate measurements across a variety of applications, such as: Thickness / Width  Height / Step Height  Outer / Inner Diameter Stroke and Positioning  Deflection and Decentring  Vibration Warpage / Flatness  2D Shape  3D Shape. Triangulation is used, where the emitting element of the laser and the position of the object are used for detecting the amount of displacement. KEYENCE’s displacement sensors offer an advanced optical system and technology to enable high precision measurement.

A few products in this range include:

Confocal System: Revolutionary system enables new measurement capabilities for transparent materials.

Surface Scanning Laser Confocal: Surface scanning provides a new level of stability and flexibility.

ASER+PSD System Semiconductor Laser: Enables small sensor head and high stability on shiny targets.

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Disclaimer: Keyence products are subject to strict release policies that govern distribution in South Africa. Contact us to enquire about our available solutions.

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Products in this series:

  • LK-G5000 Series
  • LJ-V7000 Series
  • LJ-G Series
  • WI-5000 Series
  • SI-F1000 Series
  • LT-9000 Series
  • LS-9000 Series
  • LS-7000 Series
  • TM-3000 Series