Machine Vision Sensors

Easy-setup vision sensor detects multiple points. Features automatic focus, color imaging, and long range models. Difficult applications that formerly required multiple conventional photoelectric or proximity sensors can now be tackled easily and at low cost with one IV Series vision sensor. The arrival of the CV-X100, an image sensor that possesses near-human judgement abilities by comparing with learned acceptable products for more flexible and stable inspection.

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Specific sensors in this range:

  • CV-X100 Series – Easy Setup, Auto-Teaching, Machine Vision System
  • XG-8000 Series – Ultra High-Speed, High-Capacity Multi-Camera Image Processing System
  • XG-8000 L Interchangeable Camera System
  • XG-7000 Series Ultra high-speed, Flexible Image Processing System
  • CV-5000 Series Ultra-High-Speed, Multi-Camera Vision Systems
  • CV-3000 Series Multi-camera Universal Type

IV Series Vision Sensor

CA-D Series LED Illumination Units