Card Guides and Retainers

nVent SCHROFF Card Guides and Retainers (formerly Calmark and Birtcher) offer a range of versatile electronic systems that can easily be tailored to your application. SCHROFF prides itself on high data transfer rates, cooling capacity and reliable power supplies. Solutions include 40G and 100G backplanes in multiple bus architectures.

SCHROFF’s PCB solutions range from nylon card guides (designed to help align PCB connectors to the backplane) to highly sophisticated Card and Wedge Loks (designed to provide board retention, stiffening and thermal management for high shock and vibration applications).

For more demanding applications, SCHROFF offers heat frames and clamshell conduction-cooled assemblies. Hardware to assist with PCB insertion, extraction, and mechanical keying are also available.

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Products in this range include:

  • PCB Accessories
  • PCB Wedge Loks / Card Loks
  • Wedge Lok configurator
  • PCB Trainers / Guides
  • PCB Inserters / Extractors
  • Conduction Cooled Assemblies / Heat Frames