Pre-Alignment Modules

The alignment modules were developed to securely connect the daughter card to the backplane. The modules also offer integrated support for HM coding pieces. Coding at the connector is no longer required, and more signal contacts are available as a result. For an even more stable and “capacitive” coding, there are guide pins designed that match the coded hole in the counterpiece. This provides an additional eight different codings, including an octagonal version. Another auxiliary function is the version featuring an electrical contact. The gold-plated contact surfaces allow lowresistance shielding, and transmitting current over a large cross section with up to 40 A at 20 °C.

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More Information

  • Matched to ERmet 2.0 and ZD
  • Secure plugging
  • No stress on the PCB
  • Quick assembly
  • Electrical contact possible
  • Current rating up to 40 A


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