Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are used across a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications to sense the presence of objects or materials. These sensors able to initiate actions or note the presence or absence of certain objects. Proximity sensors don’t require physical contact with the target or object being sensed, which gives them their ‘non-contact’ sensor nickname. The most common types of proximity sensors include ultrasonic sensors,photoelectric sensors, and inductive sensors. KEYENCE proximity sensors are able to detect distance twice that of conventional sensors, and offer 24-hour high-speed, high-accuracy monitoring and detection, and in so doing preventing defective products from being produced.

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Specific sensors in this range:

  • EM Series Amplifier-in-Cable Small Proximity Sensor
  • EZ/EV Series Self-Contained Proximity Sensor
  • ES Series Long-distance Separate-amplifier Proximity Sensors
  • EZ Series 3-wire type Proximity Sensors
  • EX-V Series Digital Inductive Displacement Sensor
  • EX-200 Series Inductive Gauging Sensors
  • ED Series 3-wire type All-metal Proximity Sensors
  • ET Series Nonferrous-metal Proximity Sensors