Safety Interlock Switches

Keyence Safety Lock Switches are non-contact devices, ideal for versatile mounting and stable detection. The GS Series non-contact type models help prevent nuisance trips and machine stoppage due to improper closure, vibration, door sag, and more. This is because of these

models offer a forgiving ON-OFF range of up to 18 mm (0.7”), ensuring reliable detection and safe machine operation.

The GS-Series features two distinct types:

Locking Type: Prevent unintended access to hazardous areas and costly machine the stoppage, by locking these units during machine operation.

Non-Contact Type: Confirm all access points are closed during machine operation and trigger appropriate machine stoppage if any of them are opened.

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More Information

Benefits of Keyence Interlock Switches:

  • Compact Size
  •  Robust Construction
  •  Highly Visible Indicators
  • Versatile Mounting
  • Seamless System Integration