Series XL

The XL-series are known as rod cylinders and comply with ISO 15552, which stipulates Ø 125 ÷ 320. It is completely interchangeable with the previous series, from ISO 6431 /VDMA 24562 standards. These cylinders come cushioned and offer a magnetic piston version containing magnetic sensors. This range is also available to directive 94/9/EC (“ATEX” – 2GD category).

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More Information

Operating pressure 1÷10 bar

Working temperature
0 ÷ +80 °C (–30 °C with dry air)
0 ÷ +150 °C with seals for high temperatures
(–10 °C with dry air)

Fluid Compressed air, filtered, continuous lubricated, unlubricated or dry lubricated

Versions Double acting, single acting front spring, single acting rear spring, through rod, double push tandem, double stroke tandem, opposed tandem

Bore Ø 125, 160, 200, 250, 320


Pneumatic Cylinders