Spectral Interference Displacement Sensor

Spectral Interference Displacement Meters are used for measuring absolute distance with nanometer resolution. Measure height or thickness of thin films, wafers and other spectral targets. Applications include Thickness / Width  Height / Step Height  Outer / Inner Diameter Stroke and Positioning  Deflection and Decentering  Vibration Warpage / Flatness  2D Shape  3D Shapes.

Products in this range:

SI-F series: Micro-head Spectral-interference Laser Displacement Meter

SI-F80R series: Spectral-Interference Wafer Thickness Meter

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WI-5000 Series is the champion series within this range. The WI-5000 Series captures 80,000 points of height data instantaneously across a maximum measurement area of 10 × 10 mm 0.39″ × 0.39″. The principles of white light interferometry result in accurate measurement of the target shape even if its colors or materials vary in reflectivity.


  • Repeatability of 0.1 μm 0.000004″
  • 80,000 points of height data in just 0.13 seconds