Systems, Backplanes and Power Supplies

nVent SCHROFF offer a range of versatile electronic systems that can easily be tailored to your application. nVent SCHROFF specialises in high data transfer rates, cooling capacity and power supply. We also offer 40G and 100G backplanes in multiple bus architectures.

nVent SCHROFF has a wide selection of Systems, Backplanes and Power Supplies that comply with the PICMG and VITA Specifications. The Schroff 19” PSU’s are the perfect choice for fanless applications where highest quality is needed.

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Product Features:

  • Superior signal integrity to support the highest data transfer rates
  • Modular and robust mechanical chassis
  • Excellent and proven cooling capabilities
  • High-quality power supplies


Products in this range:

  • AdvancedTCA Systems
  • CompactPCI Based Systems
  • PXI & PXI Express systems
  • MicroTCA Systems
  • VME Based Systems – incl VXS VPX
  • Hardware Platform Management (Pigeon Point)
  • Backplanes
  • Test Adapter
  • Power Supplies



Schroff offers a complete line of electronics cabinets to meet diverse application and market requirements. Cabinets are available in a large selection of sizes in a variety of configurations, specifically engineered to deliver high-performance protection for sensitive electronic payloads versus challenging environmental conditions—including enhanced protection solutions, such as Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), shock, vibration and seismic configurations, Ingress Protection (IP) and NEMA rated solutions for sealing against water or airborne contaminants.