Talbot Talflo Valves

Talbot have many years’ experience in supplying water fittings for use in both rural and urban drinking water systems. Through our experience we have seen that much of the wastage of the water supply is either due to leaks in the network or from wastage at the point of use, public stand posts for instance.

Through Talbot’s involvement in rural water supply in the developing world we have seen this precious resource wasted through the drawbacks inherent in traditional standpost valves such as bibtaps (or crutch head taps)and press top valves. Bibtaps are probably the most common standpost valve but the seat washer and screw threads wear rapidly, causing leakage. The Talflo Valve is a move towards the rural community’s real needs, with the emphasis on simplicity of construction and ease of use.

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Benefits of Talbot Talflo Valves:

  • The Talflo Valve can be easily operated by children and elderly people
  • By eliminating potential wear points such as screw threads and gland packing, a trouble free life is ensured
  • When parts do eventually wear out they can be replaced at village engineering level, so reducing interruption to vital water supplies
  • The Talflo Valve is designed to cope with dirty water conditions and at very low pressures
  • The Valves robust construction will withstand rigorous use and ferrous parts are plated to resist corrosion