Pipe Beveling

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Orbitalum pipe beveling machines

Orbitalum pipe beveling machines deliver resilient, consistent and quick pipe-end preparation. Our bevel tools are modeled after our unique tool system, QTC® (Quick-Tool-Change), which offers variety beveling configurations, such as I/V/Y/U seam weld joint geometries, j-beveling, counterboring, and axial turning. Our pipe beveling machines can bevel various steel types, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. Up to three tools can be used simultaneously.

Benefits of using Orbitalum pipe beveling machines:

  • No sparks or arcs/cold cutting
  • Three steps in one (beveling, facing and counterboring)
  • Electrical and pneumatic options available
  • Quick release tooling
  • Cost-saving due to easy exchangeable tool parts