Flow Verification

Our flow verification service is designed for customers with in-line flow measuring meters. Using our non-intrusive Flexim meter, we verify your meter’s readings, generate data, and provide a detailed report. This report allows you to compare our data with your meter’s readings to ensure accuracy.

Customised Printing on Strapping Seals

Custom printing is available for two types of strapping seals:

32mm Pusher-type closed seals made from Chromadek material
Red magazine stack seals, also known as Nestak seals

Business logos can be printed on both types of seals. Note that minimum order quantities apply, and there is a one-time charge for artwork and printing setup.

Engineering Shop

Our engineering shop provides fabrication services for custom metal industrial parts, including specialised wire rope end terminations, mini catalytic converters, and unique nuts and bolts, amongst others. Chat us to discuss your specific needs and requirements.


Our skilled workshop team repairs tools and machines that we supply. This includes Ridgid threading and other machines, pneumatic and manual strapping tools and various air powered tools.