Phymetrix is the leading provider of advanced sensing and trace moisture measurement instruments. Applications include Natural Gas, Utilities, Compressed Air, Heat Treating, Petrochemicals, and Aerospace. Its products are certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments, such as explosives. Measurement ranges from -100 degrees °C to +20 °C dewpoint. Calibration certificates are traceable to national and international humidity standards. Phymetrix offers portable and lightweight moisture analyzers, smaller than 2 kg, and includes a rechargeable battery for stand-alone operations on-site.

Phymetrix products include:

  • On-Line and Portable Moisture Analysers (including Handheld, Bench-Top, Loop, Explosion, and Air Analyzers)
  • Dew Point Meters / Dew Point Sensors
  • Complete Sampling Systems
  • Moisture Analyzer Calibration Services and Repair

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