Pad and Film Interface Materials

Aavid WaveBlocker has a high electromagnetic wave permeability allowing it to absorb EM wave interference. It’s EM absorbing capacity ranges from 10MHz to several GHz. Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers are soft, malleable interface materials with high thermal conductivity. Gap fillers are ideal for applications with significant distances between the heat source and cooling surface, varying component heights, high tolerance stack up variability, and uneven or rough surfaces.

Boyd’s Transtherm® Gap Fillers are gel-like, conductive materials that fall into three groups: Silicone Gap Fillers, Silicone-Free Gap Fillers, and Putty-type Gap Fillers. These fillers eliminate air between surfaces with higher conductivity materials to reduce thermal resistance. The volume of the gap filler remains constant.

A-Pli™ is a “super-soft” low durometer material designed to fill gaps between hot components and their heat sinks or enclosure (plastic or metal). The flexible, elastic nature of this product allows it to blanket uneven surfaces, either individually or as a group. Heat is conducted away from the individual components, or an entire PCB, into metal covers, frames, or spreader plates.

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Aavid is the World Leader in Thermal Management Aavid is the oldest and largest design engineering and manufacturing corporation focused on thermal management solutions in the world. Aavid design capabilities extend far beyond standard products and use the most advanced thermal engineering resources available to design application specific solutions.