Connectors and Adaptors

Rosenberger offers a host of connectors and antenna solutions for a variety of specialised applications, such as Cellular Technology and Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Custom Machining, Medical, and Optical Solutions. Solutions include adaptors to cable, panel and PCB connectors and tools. In an effort to consolidate existing antennas to make way for MIMO deployments of higher order across all bands, and to prepare the sites to accommodate new requirements for 5G, particularly in the L-band.

Products include:

  • RF Coaxial Products
  • Panel and PCB Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Passive Intermod. Analyzers
  • Multi-Band Solutions
  • FDD+TDD Hybrid Solutions
  • 5G Antenna Solutions

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More Information

Communication: Rosenberger offers classical connection technology with radio frequency connectors and cable assemblies, miniaturized contacts for cable-to-board or board-to-board connections on and between PCBs, and innovative fiber-optic products and hybrid solutions. Rosenberger also offers solutions for landline telecommunication, industrial and data system technology, and for aerospace engineering.

Automotive: The contact systems are specially designed to fulfill the tough requirements of the automotive industry. The priority in the most automotive applications, such as autonomous driving and driver assistance systems, is to ensure safety. It is necessary to determine exact positions, continuously calculate routes, and detect and classify objects. High data volumes from several cameras, various sensors, and navigation sources must be combined and transported for this purpose – in real time.

Aerospace and Defence: Rosenberger is a qualified manufacturer according ESCC and DIN EN 9100 and fulfills the high requirements on manufacturing, assembly, quality assurance, and testing which is mandatory to become a reliable supplier for aviation and spaceflight industries.

Medical: Rosenberger offers reliable interconnect technology for medical industries that require dependable medical equipment at all times. Some of these products include Machine to Machine – M2M, Fiber Optics, Magnetic and non-magnetic products.