ESD Dissipative Floor Mats

Static Dissipative Floor Mats are designed to protect sensitive equipment, such as computers and explosive chemicals, by quickly drawing the static electricity off workers before they touch such items.

When walking and moving, people “tribocharge”, building up static charges on their bodies. Even the slightest touch can pass electricity onto sensitive equipment, which can destroy processors or cause flammable chemicals to ignite.

The body’s static charge can safely be drained to ground by wearing conductive shoes when walking on a dissipative floor mat (anti-static mat) – this includes vinyl, rubber, mats and carpets.

All conductive matting and dissipative matting needs to be grounded to function properly.  A bench mat needs to be used in conjunction with grounding devices to provide a continuous path to ground and remove static build-up before it discharges. The following devices are all excellent grounding methods: wristbands, grounding cords, and shoe grounders (with the option of heel grounders or removable, conductive insoles and outsoles).

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Benefits of ESD dissipative floor mats:

  • Vinyl lasts longer (10 years+) and there’s no need for regular maintenance
  • Low reflecting
  • Vinyl comes in a variety of decorative styles
  • Easy to repair damage or cracks
  • Vinyl is cheaper than coatings
  • Rubber and vinyl are pliable and very popular for use in medical facilities to cover skirtings
  • Rubber can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Carpets only require regular cleaning, depending on foot traffic