Dissipative Floor Mats

When walking, people “tribocharge”, building up static charges on their bodies. The body’s static charge can safely be drained to ground by wearing conductive shoes or a shoe grounder on each shoe when walking on a conductive floor or floor mat; this includes vinyl, rubber, and carpets/ mats.

A bench mat needs to be used in conjunction with grounding devices to provide a continuous path to ground and remove static build-up before it discharges. The following devices are all excellent grounding methods: wristbands, grounding cords, and shoe grounders (with the option of heel grounders or removable, conductive insoles and outsoles).

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More Information

Benefits of dissipative floor mats:

  • Vinyl lasts longer (10 years+) and there’s no need for regular maintenance.
  • Vinyl comes in a variety of decorative styles.
  • Easy to repair damage or cracks.
  • Vinyl is cheaper than coatings.
  • Rubber and vinyl are pliable and very popular for use in medical facilities to cover skirtings.
  • Rubber can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Carpets only require regular cleaning, depending on foot traffic.