ESD Chair

An ESD chair forms an integral part of grounding within the ESD Protected Area. Since static build-up involves intermittent contact between two objects with conductive properties, a person working on a chair will definitely generate a static charge. This charge will transfer to the nearest ESD-sensitive component and it could potentially damage the product.

Altico Static Control is a specialist in ESD-safe workstation gear. We offer static dissipative vinyl chairs to help combat static generation in the workplace. Static Dissipative vinyl chairs are standard black with conductive caster wheels, a grounding chain and adjustable foot-ring. Alternatively, ESD sprays for normal chairs are also available. ESD Chairs resistance to ground from any part of the seat must be less than 1×1010 ohm. At least two castors or feet must provide a path to ground.

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Features of our ESD Chairs:

  • A 3-layered static dissipative material:
    Vinyl – Black; Fabric – Charcoal
  • Adjustable foot ring
  • Fixed mechanism with seat height adjustment only
  • Grounding: Conductive caster wheel and drag chain
  • Aluminum chair base with lumbar support through specially contoured cold-cure PU foam seat cushions
  • Long gas lift, chromed

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