ESD Interlocking Floor Tiles

ESD Protective Flooring installed quickly without disruption or downtime. Ecotile manufacture high performance static-dissipative floor tiles that protect microelectronics, static-sensitive devices and explosives from damage caused by static discharge.

ESD interlocking floor tiles are the cornerstone of your static-control program:

  • provides a traceable path to ground (> 3.4 x 104Ω and ≤ 5.0 x 106Ω)
  • prevents static generation (< 100 volts)

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Benefits of ESD Interlocking Floor Tiles:

  • Lifetime guarantee of ESD performance
  • No disruption or downtime during installation
  • Can be lifted quickly (ideal for leased/ temporary spaces)
  • Completely reusable, so you’ll never lose your initial investment
  • No adhesives, special floor prep or moisture protection required
  • Installable over almost any subfloor
  • End-to-end solution (including installation, testing and certification)
  • Resistant to chemical spills
  • Anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties