F35 Heavy Duty Filter

The F35 is a heavy duty filter that consists of a heavy-duty cast aluminum housings to withstand operating pressures of up to 250 PSIG*.It also contains a differential pressure indicator to eliminate the guesswork of element replacement. This product also features a unique drain mounting plate design that enables a trouble-free method for interchanging and installing external drains. Port Sizes 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 2; Flows to 1400 SCFM.

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More Information

Features of this filter:

  • Heavy-duty Cast Aluminum Housings to Withstand Operating Pressures Up to 250 PSIG*
  • Differential Pressure Indicator to Eliminate the Guesswork of Element Replacement
  • Differential pressure gauge available, order separately, Kit DP3-01-000
  • Unique Drain Mounting Plate Design Offers a Troublefree Method for Interchanging and Installing External Drains