SeeSnake® CS6 and CS6Pak Digital Recording Monitors

Fast, Efficient Results
Capture still images and video clips and save directly to a USB thumbdrive and generate high quality multi-media reports.

The CS6 mounts to the SeeSnake MAX rM200 docking handle for easy transport and storage. The CS6Pak mounts to the Compact2 and can be quickly detached for convenient placement and storage.

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More Information

These are both compatible with all SeeSnake camera reels.

The CS6 and CS6Pak have the same great software and reporting capabilities in two distinct form factors.

  • One-touch recording – fast, efficient documentation of inspection jobs.
  • Water-resistant keypad – direct control of essential camera and monitor functions.
  • Daylight viewable display – crisp, clear in-pipe image.
  • SeeSnake HQ™ Software – edit, archive and deliver reports via print, DVD or online.
  • On-screen keyboard – add custom job information and text notes.


Monitors & Recorders

Monitors & Recorders Innovation describes the line of RIDGID monitors and records. This includes full function monitoring and recording options.