The FLUXUS® F501 is the ultrasonic flowmeter of choice for the Water Utilities sector. This flowmeter offers a precise, bi-directional flow measurement over a wide turndown ratio; at high and low flow velocities. Due to its matched and paired transducers, it also guarantees a superior zero stability.

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More Information

The FLUXUS F501IP is equipped with a set of IP68 transducers, which makes it ideal for subsurface installations. A stainless steel VARIOFIX C fixture optimally protects the transducers.Furthermore, the FLUXUS F501 can also be used for leak detection and the readings can be transferred to a process control system.

Benefits of the FLUXUS® F501:

  • Precise bi-directional, highly dynamic flow measurement
  • Simple retrofitting in existing infrastructure – no need for pipe work
  • User-interface specifically adapted to the needs of the water industry
  • For nominal pipe diameters of 10mm up to 2500mm
  • Superior pipeline leak detection – high repeatability of accurate measurement readings
  • Digital Signal Processing ensuring for reliable results even in hazardous conditions
  • Virtually maintenance free – permanent coupling pads instead of frequent regreasing
  • High measuring accuracy, even at low flow velocities due to matched transducers
  • Water-tight transducers (IP67) for outside use