BAND-IT® ID Tag Imprinter Tool

Use to imprint your own Stainless Steel Identification Tags with the ID Tag Imprinter Tool and a roll of stainless steel tape. Quickly and easily create ID tags with 3/16” letter size. These tags can be attached to your choice of BAND-IT® cable ties. The ID Tag Imprinter Tool allows you to print your own tags on Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel and apply with Tie-Lok Ties. The Tag Imprinter comes with a choice of character sizes.

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ID Tag Imprinter Tool Product Specifications

Part No. Tool supplied with
ID Tag Imprinter Tool
ID2006 3/32″ character wheel
ID2026 1/16″ character wheel
ID2036 1/8″ character wheel
ID2046 3/16″ character wheel
ID2056 1/4″ character wheel


Part No. Kit supplied with
Optional Letter Dial Kits
ID2816 1/16″ character wheel
ID2826 1/8″ character wheel
ID2836 3/16″ character wheel
ID2846 1/4″ character whteel
ID2906 3/32″ character wheel