Ridgid K-50 Drain Cleaning Sectional Machine

The Ridgid K-50 Drain Cleaning Sectional Machine is a compact, versatile machine, designed for professional and effective drain-cleaning operations. This product is an all-around sink, shower and floor drain machine. Instant-acting cable clutch to maximize operator control. Pull handle down and cable spins at 400 RPM. Release handle, cable stops instantly.

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More Information

Equipped with an A-17 adapter for runs up to 15 m of 8 mm cable or, 11 m of 10 mm continuous length cable. Best for 20-110 mm Drain Lines

  • C-8 best for 32 mm to 75 mm drains
  • C-9 best for 50 mm to 102 mm drains
  • 8 mm best for 20 mm to 40 mm lines
  • 10 mm best for 32 mm to 50 mm lines


Sectional Machines

RIDGIDĀ® Drain Cleaning Machines, also known as Sectional Machines, use high-speed cutting action to drill through obstructions. Compact and lightweight equipment that cleans drains effectively, with absolute confidence. All RidgidĀ® Drain Cleaning Sectional Machines have a unique, instant acting cable clutch that maximises operator control. Heavy-Duty Industrial Drain Cleaning Machines