ERNI MaxiBridge 2.54 mm Connector

The 2.54 mm cable connector system is ideally suited for high reliable and space saving connections between PCBs and decentral units, e.g. lamps or info-panels, front plate elements like buttons, switches, fuses or LEDs, motors, fans etc. The system is extremely versatile thanks to the availability of straight and angled male multipoint connectors in SMT technology. The pre-manufactured cable connector is mechanically coded with the male multipoint connector and protected against accidental release, as a result of vibration for example. It can be unlocked without using any additional tools. The cable connector components offer a high current carrying capacity per contact of up to 12 A.

ERNI – MaxiBridge 2.54 mm Connector

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More Information

  • Complies with LV 214 and USCAR requirements
  • Single and dual row versions
  • Various cable cross sections available
  • Secure mating
  • High retention force for latching
  • Double locking of the spring contacts in the housing
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Reliable retention force

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