Micro-fine Wire Mesh

Instrument Plastics Limited can offer display quality micro-fine mesh for shielding applications.
The range of meshes that we stock are;
Standard Sheet Size 740mm x 540mm.

Blackened Copper Mesh
100 OPI x 0.025mm
100 OPI x 0.050mm
80 OPI x 0.025mm
50 OPI x 0.050mm

Blackened Stainless Steel Mesh
100 OPI x 0.025mm
50 OPI x 0.050mm
We also offer other OPI and mesh sizes in both Copper and Stainless Steel.

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As a globally renowned manufacturer with an extensive range of capabilities and solutions Instrument Plastics is a world leader in quality Optical filters. With their diverse range of display solutions Instrument Plastics can help ensure your products are unmatched in Optical quality. The company also designs and manufactures a range of advanced EMC and RFI shielded optical windows and filters.