This measurement tool is especially useful in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and dairy industries where smooth, hygienic welds are crucial. The ‘optical oxygen measurement via fluorescence extinction’ method for welding technology is far superior to conventional methods. Many analysers from other providers use chemical sells, which depletes annually, which you need to replenish and calibrate.

This is not necessary with this product. Our method is also much more accurate. When using Argon, you want it to push out all oxygen – prevent oxidation. When measuring, oxygen level will be low already, as Argon is heavier gas, our analyser can detect even the smallest amount of oxygen traces.

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More Information

This ORBmax residual oxygen meter delivers fast, exact detection of residual oxygen to combat oxidation, and offers complete traceability. The exact, fast detection of oxygen content enables the operator to start the safe welding process much sooner, which reduces gas consumption and increases overall productivity.


  • No warm-up time required
  • Quick response
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Measurement of residual oxygen level during the welding process
  • No uncontrolled increase of the measurement during the welding process
  • Measurement of forming gas with variable hydrogen content without mode change
  • Measurement of the residual oxygen value in all gas mixtures
  • Measured value recording on SD card
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Liquid-resistant sensor
  • Alarm mode with beeper and changing colour of the display (green/red)
  • Protection class IP32
  • Setable alarm value and saving interval


Residual oxygen meter