Polywoven strapping

Polyester woven strapping, also known as Ti-strap, is a safe alternative to heavy-duty steel strapping, wire or applications where polypropylene is inadequate. Ti-strap is made of high tensile, 100% polyester strands woven into a flexible re-tensionable product. Retensioning is made easy due to the non-slip buckle design. The strapping is UV-resistant (up to six months) and yields very high breaking loads, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Ti-strap is easily tensioned to its maximum break-load tension by using the Poly tensioner tool.

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More Information

Benefits of this strapping:

  • Handles high-breaking loads, ranging from, 2400N to 23000N
  • Waterproof through special resin
  • Cost-efficient due to its reusability
  • Versatile: ideal for load securing, bundling, baling, reinforcing and pallet stabilisation for a wide range of industries
  • No backlash when under tension
  • Safer handling as there are no sharp edges