Portable TRISTAND® Vises

Each TRISTAND pipe vise features integral folding legs for easy transport and setup, tool hangers and a base which overhangs the front legs for clear tool swing.

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More Information

  • Model 425 features “quick grab”, self-locking latch and carrying handle for ease of transport.
  • Model 40-A integrates a yoke style vise into the base and a rugged tool tray.
  • Model 460-6 has an optimized base layout to maximize working area, convenient lug to clamp the weld ground, rugged leg chain for the tough demands and a durable tool tray.
  • Model 460-12 has all the features of the 460-6 but a capacity of 12″ and an adjustable rear leg.


Pipe Vises

RIDGID® Pipe Vises and Supports offer a wide selection of pipe accessories designed to work as one. This product range features a rugged construction for years of dependable service.