Power Resistors

EBG is leading in the development of high-power resistors that are particularly compact and powerful. EBG’s high-power resistors regulate power peaks, such as those that occur when electric high-end devices are switched on and off, and they divert power surges.

In offshore wind farms and substations, they assist in effecting the transmission of energy produced on direct current basis. They help deliver the energy safely and efficiently to the supply areas. Our resistors are also used for the dampening of voltage peaks, in magnetic resonance imaging or X-ray units.

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EBG’s high-power resistors also help regulate the rotational speed of electric motors that are used in industrial equipment and in vehicles such as trams or locomotives. Leading manufacturers of electric motors, medical equipment and frequency converters rely on EBG’s power resistors because of their powerful performance and the long-term reliability of their functionality.

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