PTEC Plastic Drain Pipe Cutter

The RIDGID® P-TEC Cutter is the first cutter of its kind that provides the hassle-free ability to execute a clean, fast, and straight cut on thin-wall (< 2,5 mm) plastic tube. This versatile cutter can be used on Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), and Thin-Walled PVC tubes of two standard sizes: 32 and 40 mm OD – both sizes with the same tool. Also available is the P-TEC 5000 for cutting 50 mm plastic drain pipe. The P-TEC Cutter is another addition to the RIDGID Tubing tools family that brings tremendous value to any trade in which PVC / PP / PE pipe is used and installed.

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Features Include:

  • Clean, Automatic Deburring – The cut produced by this cutter results in only a fine strand of plastic, as opposed to the fuzz created around the cut of a hacksaw. No need for a second tool to deburr, this cutter automatically deburrs in parallel to cutting action.
  • Automatic Beveling – Allows for immediate, easy joining to other sink drain pieces.
  • Fast cut – On average six rotations to complete one cut, four times faster than a hacksaw.
  • Straight cut – Easy-view windows ensure a straight cut on the marked pipe every time.
  • Open Bore Design (P-TEC 5000 only)
  • Reduces required hand force for cutting pipe.
  • Fully eliminates sliding on the pipe.
  • Makes it possible to cut double-flanged 50 mm plastic drain pipe.


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