Single Bolt Clip – Round

A single bolt, Anti-rotational Clip for round posts in 304 stainless steel. Supplied with 1 x No.8 Sq. Hd. Bolt. Insert foot into channel and twist through 90 dregrees. The other end is secured by the bolt. Internal pips ensure anti rotation.

  • Fits all sizes of BAND-IT channel
  • Pack quantity 100
  • Used to mount traffic signs, security devices, and enclosures.
  • Withstands stress and wind vibration with specially designed reinforcement ribs.
  • Fully threaded to solidly anchor attachment bolts.
  • Hex head bolts with metal and fiber washer, no nuts required.
  • Applied with Band-It Band and Buckles, VALU-STRAP, VALU-STRAP Plus, BAND-FAST or Ultra-Lok Systems.

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Mini Brack-It Product Specifications

Cat. No. Description Pole Dia. (mm) Weight (Kg)
BSARC076 Supplied with 1 x No.8 Sq. Hd. Bolt Insert foot into channel and
twist through 90 degrees. The other end is secured by the bolt.
Fits all sizes of Band-it channel. Internal pips ensure anti rotation
76 6.7
BSARC089 89 7.5
BSARC114 114 9.1



Founded in 1937 to produce fastening solutions for the Gates rubber company, BAND-IT has a long tradition of designing and developing new and innovative fastening solutions that withstand the harshest environments and keep people safe. BAND-IT clamps have been designed and manufactured to clamp, manage cable, identify and insulate for dozens of applications worldwide. BAND-IT products deliver the robust performance and durability essential to harsh duty, mission-critical applications in traditional and emerging industries. BAND-IT combines application-specific engineering with a storied tradition of manufacturing excellence to provide durable, tailored solutions to all customers worldwide. BAND-IT products can be found in many applications ranging from rockets, rovers, and satellites in outer space all the way to the bottom of the ocean, and we’re just getting started! Today, BAND-IT is acknowledged as the world's leader in quality engineered band clamping and fastening solutions. BAND-IT, a unit of IDEX Corporation, has a global network of sales and manufacturing facilities serving users worldwide. Headquartered in Denver, CO, BAND-IT also has sales offices and operations facilities in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, India, Japan, China and the Pacific Rim.
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BAND-IT® Brackets

BAND-IT® sign mounting Brack-Its are used to mount traffic signs securely. Brack-Its are used with Band-It Band and Buckle, Valustrap and Free-End Clamps. These Brack-Its are reinforced with specially designed ribbing for extra strength. Brack-Its are available wit or without bolts, and hex head bolts require no nuts and are fully threaded to solidly anchor signage.