BAND-IT stainless steel cable ties shine at a precious metals, refining smelting complex in South Africa

Conditions in South African refinery complexes are challenging due to their highly-corrosive atmosphere. Even 304 stainless steel is subject to rust after an extended period and therefore the need for high-strength, durable strapping solutions is required. Plastic cable ties used for fastening electric cables simply cannot last in the harsh operating environments.

One of South Africa’s precious metals, refining smelting complexes recently made the change to install BAND-IT cable ties using a mixture of reusable steel ties. To date, Actum Group has supplied about 10 000 reusable BAND-IT cable ties to this specific refinery complex.

BAND-IT straps and ties are expected to last up to five years before they need to be replaced, which is significantly longer than the six-month lifespan of plastic cable ties. In addition to BAND-IT Ties being well-suited for various applications, the cable ties were easy to install using a ratchet-operated BAND-IT Bantam strapping tool.

Predominately engineered from quality stainless steel, BAND-IT products not only last longer, but they are safer too. No matter which direction technology goes, BAND-IT will be right beside it. At Actum Group, we make it a point in our business to listen to our customers’ unique requirements.

Actum Group is proud to be the exclusive distributor of BAND-IT in Africa. For more information or to place an order, please call 011 608 3001 or visit

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