Aavid Liquid Cooling Systems

Liquid cooling of electronic devices is becoming more prevalent as it is the most compact and efficient method for cooling high-density heat loads. Liquid-cooled thermal management leverages on a liquid’s higher heat capacity to transfer and dissipate heat loads. Liquids can absorb and transport more heat than air.

Aavid offers liquid solutions at the device, enclosure, or facility level, which include small off-the-shelf cold plates for testing purposes, complex liquid-cooled systems that integrate multiple technologies to cool some of the largest data centres in the world.

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Products include:

  • Liquid Heat Exchangers
  • Ambient Liquid Cooling Systems
  • Liquid Cooled Chassis & Enclosures
  • Chillers
  • Liquid Cold Plates



Aavid is the World Leader in Thermal Management Aavid is the oldest and largest design engineering and manufacturing corporation focused on thermal management solutions in the world. Aavid design capabilities extend far beyond standard products and use the most advanced thermal engineering resources available to design application specific solutions.