Board Level Heat Sinks

Heat Sinks can be used on their own with appropriate interface material and mounting for a standalone, passive solution, which is cooled through natural convection to the ambient air. More advanced systems use heat sinks that have been engineered for forced convection cooling with the use of a fan or blower for more powerful cooling. Heat sinks come in a variety of constructions and choosing the correct geometry is dependent on application parameters such as air flow, flow type, environmental conditions, and available volume.v

Heat sinks are typically made of copper, aluminium, or a combination of materials based on the application.

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Aavid Board Level Heat Sink Types:

  • Aluminum Die Cast Heat Sinks
  • Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks
  • Aluminum Extruded Max Clip System™ Heat Sinks
  • Bonded Fin Heat Sink Assemblies
  • Brazed Heat Sink Assemblies
  • CPU Heat Sinks
  • Folded Fin Heat Sink Assemblies
  • LED Heat Sinks
  • Skived Fin Heat Sinks
  • Stamped Heat Sinks
  • Zipper Fin Heat Sink Assemblies



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