Conductive ESD Shoes

Eliminating static charge build-up in the work area is crucial to prevent ESD damage. Grounding systems are used to ensure that all components, personnel and any other conductors are at the same electrical potential. Conductive shoes or foot grounders are used in conjunction with other grounding devices, such as a wrist strap, cord, and ESD surface mats, to provide a continuous path to ground to dissipate any static. ESD shoes or foot grounders should be worn on both feet to ensure constant contact with the floor.

Altico offers a complete range of ESD shoes, including ESD office shoes, work boots, sandals and conductive boots. Our ESD shoes meet the requirements of standard EN 61340-5-1.

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Types of ESD shoes and accessories:

  • Leather Safety Boots
  • Rubber Gumboots
  • ESD shoes
  • Crocs
  • Heel grounders
  • Toe grounders

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