ESD Clothing

Altico offers a range of Anti-Static ESD-proof clothing to prevent static charge from building up in the ESD in a Protected Area (EPA). While working on an EPA, ESD clothing is necessary to make sure that people do not charge the products that they are working with. The range of clothing includes ESD Lab Coats, ESD Polo Shirts and ESD Gloves, for males and females. ESD clothing features the universal yellow ESD warning signs to indicate that the personnel are authorised to work in the EPA. The material is suitable for South Africa weather conditions.

Products are made according to EN 340 working clothes production standards and according to PN10/04/13, PN20/02/10, PN40/01/13, PN30/01/07 company standards and customisable to standards requested by the user’s working environment.

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The products are divided according to their use in working environment:

  • Cleanrooms
  • ESD Protected Areas
  • Areas prone to ESD events, especially outside of the EPA
  • PPE Apparel

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