Orbitalum Tungsten Grinder – ESG Plus

Orbitalum Tungsten Grinder is the ultimate workplace safety solution. The Orbitalum ESG Plus range of tungsten grinders is the best solution for safe, precise and fast preparation or sharpening of tungsten electrodes. It is the perfect hand held grinder and tungsten sharpener for cutting, grinding and planing of electrodes used in WIG/TIG welding machines.

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Benefits of Orbitalum Tungsten Grinders:

• Safety in the workplace – avoid risk of injury caused by non-conventional methods, such as angle grinding
• Repeatable points every time due to preset grinding angles
• Easy and fast to use
• Optimum preparation for orbital and manual welding
• Longitudinal grinding for optimum arc ignition and excellent arc stability
• Guarantees longer tool life and ease of ignition of the tungsten electrode
• Specially designed for once-off jobs on site
• Compact, functional design
• Optimum resilience and perfect reproducibility
• Precise orbital grinding