HX 12P

The HX 12P orbital welding machine is ideal for manufacturers in the heat and cooling industry. Many of these manufacturers are moving away from copper in preference of stainless steel chiller coils. This closed-head orbital welding system can process pipe diameters from 9.5 to 13.3 mm (0.374″ – 0.524″) – a first in Africa. For pipes with a wider OD, consider the complementary HX 16P or HX 22P.

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More Information

Tube OD, min. – max.* [mm] 9.5 – 13.3
[inch] 0.374″ – 0.524″
Electrode Ø [mm] 1.6
[inch] 0.063
Machine weight including
hose package
[kg] 6.4
[lbs] 14.1


Enclosed Orbital Weld Heads