The F721 can measure virtually any kind of liquid, from the smallest tubing to the largest penstock, independent of the pressure inside the pipe and over a very large temperature range. Solid or gaseous entrainments rarely affect accurate measurement and the product also boasts an extremely low turn-down ratio; even a few liters per hour can be recorded accurately.

The FLUXUS® F721 is Flexim’s breakthrough ultrasonic clamp-on volume and mass flowmeter for liquid measurement in industrial applications. This product surpasses any other non-intrusive, ultrasonic flowmeter in terms of accuracy, reliability and versatility.

The F721 boasts highly sophisticated signal filters, extremely fast processing capacities and advanced measurement algorithms, even in real-time.

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Benefits of the FLUXUS® F721:

  • No process interruption or pipe modification required for installation.
  • Certified for operation within hazardous areas (ATEX / IECEx Zone 2 and FMc Class I, Div. 2 certified).
  • Fast measuring dynamics (output of measurement data every 10ms), capturing highly pulsating flows.
  • Reliable and accurate measurements of slurries or liquids with gaseous entrainments (>10% of total volume).
  • High operational safety with no risk of leaks.
  • Enabling complete monitoring of processes as well as supervision and control of critical operations.
  • Measures regardless of pipe material, diameter, wall thickness and internal pressure and temperature.
  • Accurate and repeatable measurement readings – even at extremely low flow rates (high turndown ratio).


Permanent Flowmeters for Liquids

FLUXUS® measures flow rates of liquids non-intrusively with ultrasound. Permanent, clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe. The practical advantages include:
  • No wear and tear by the medium flowing inside the pipe
  • No risk of liquid leakage or fugitive gas emissions
  • No pressure loss
  • Unlimited plant availability.