Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision systems for industrial applications aims to achieve greater cost efficiency, accuracy,and improved mechanical and temperature stability. Machine vision systems rely on digital sensors inside industrial vision cameras and contain specialized optics to acquire images, so that computer hardware and software can process, analyze, and measure various characteristics for automated decision-making.

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More Information

The KEYENCE range of machine vision systems offer multi-spectrum technology, which reinvents how colour is used to achieve stable inspection. It enables users to 1) accurately locate low-contrast edges, 2) reliable detect nearly invisible defects, 3) to sort parts with subtle colour differences. This range includes the CV-X Series area camera system that offers up to 21 megapixel vision cameras for any application. The KEYENCE range of machine visions systems also includes 3D measurement and inspection cameras, such as the XG-X Series. This series offers a fully integrated, high resolution encoder, point and click inspection tools and plug and play hardware setup.

A few products in this range:

  • CA Series – Vision System Peripheral Equipment
  • CV-X Series – Intuitive Vision System
  • IV-H Series – Vision Sensor
  • XG-X Series – Customizable Vision System
  • CA-D Series – LED Illumination Units
  • CV-5000 Series – Ultra-High-Speed, Multi-Camera Vision Systems